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Payment / Process  / Conditions / Policy 


You can easily e-mail or call me. I will reply as soon as possible.

All sessions and consultations by appointment only.


How does it work:

Note: Before you contact me regarding a consultation, please read the informations on my website first. The most questions surely will be answered within the following overview below as well as in the offers I provide (you major topics you find in the sidebar menue). You also may view the complete overview of my German version. If then there are still open questions and/or you are interested in a consultation or offers I provide:

Contact for informations, questions, preliminary talk or

scheduling an appointment by/on phone, Internet, e-mail, or personally.  

1. First contact via e-mail or phone, for information or scheduling an
appointment: per e-mail or by phone you tell me your special concern,

and get informations as required. On personal concern, issue,
we schedule a preliminary talk.

 2. Followed by individual personal counselling/consultation,

by phone or skype, or e-mail consultation on our scheduled appointment
after payment has received and preperation for the chosen service,

that meets your needs.

Depending on service also anonymous, via Skype and e-mail,
Mon. - Sun. also late evening and on weekends.

Contact / Info / Scheduling


Details, description and fees about the offered services

you find under topics/categories of the navigation bar

or as brief summary listed in the full price list

All fees include preperations.

  Length/Durantion of session, depending on service, needs and booking.


Following overwiew on listed Process, Conditions, Policy:

  • Lead-time Appt. Astro-Counseling Analysis for written reports + email ↓ *G
  • Process Scheduling Appointments all Services ↓ *G

*G = German Version only, yet


Brief Service-Overview

Astrological Counselling - Astro-Coaching (Classical Astrology and Psychological Astrology) - Personality Counseling + Relationship Counseling and Coaching - Psychological Counseling - Life Counselling - Personal & Life Coaching - Training - Communication - Workshops - Seminars - Lecturing - for Individuals, Couples, Relationships of any kind, Family and small groups, of any orientation and gender. For who my Consultations are, you find in about me and standards of all services and here.

For inquiries on this service please consider in advance that my offers of this website I provide outside astrological counseling, astro-coaching and psychological counselling, life counselling/coaching are add-on modules to this service and for existing clients only. Just for individual case they are available for non-existing clients independend from the major service and by referral only and independend from the service I provide and of if you already be a client. Depending on the service you chose, but rarely or not available without astrological counselling, astrological personality analysis or psychological counseling. Deviation depending on offer and service. More to read about: Personality / Life Counseling / Coaching.

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Telephone Sessions

Online VoIP (Skype) Internet phone calls computer to computer are free without charging. You just need a headset with earphone and microphone for your computer and Skype installed. After your payment for your consultation is received and approved by me, you start Skype on our scheduled appointment and enter my Skype name you received by me, then the session of your choice (astrological counselling, psychological counseling, coaching) can begin.

To Germany I call you on your landline phone. Call-back without charging to your landline phone only.

Call-back outside Germany and abroad only to landline phone I will charge per daytime-tariff and all-inclusive phone-call service charge. I will charge as cheap as possible by using call-by-call numbers from list.

Sorry, no call-back on mobile / cell phones for longer phone calls. Except call-by-call numbers are available to your destination.

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Anonymous and E-mail Sessions

Important for anonymous counseling and consultation by telephone, online-/Internet, e-mail counselling and coaching: In order that I/we will be able to acccess your payment, please add a short note on your bank transfer with your Email address or your used nickname is absolute required as "reason for payment/transfer".

Online psychological counselling and coaching via e-mail on Internet also anonymous: Per e-mail you tell me your concerns as much as comprehensive as possible. The problem respectivily the life situation you are currently in and what has burdened and strained you. Besides I need some more informations about individual and personal informations, to get an Idea / a picture of you. Amongst all your age, family status, children, occupation, actual job, if you live in a big city or small town, in a village surrounded by landscape etc. It is not necessary, to tell me your name or your residence. You may use a pseudonym, nick-name, when you want to stay anonymous. I just want to respond to you and call you by any name. With the first e-mail I check, if your concerns, your question fit to my scope of competence. If yes, you will receive an e-mail by me with an offer for further process, possibly with further questions. As soon as you received the e-mail, please do payment/transfer (due in advance). The account datas I will give you within the e-mail. The psychological Online-Counselling/ Consultation/Advice or Coaching via e-mail starts after due payment/fee has received. You will get then a corresponding e-mail by me. If no, and your concern does not fit to my scope of competence or meet your needs I will tell you this through e-mail and where appropriate offering you alternatives or possibly recommend you to someone. Those e-mails will be of course without charge.

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Process written astrological analyses and manual written horoscope reports

Informations and Process on Counsellings please take from the chapters of the overview of this page as well as the topics and description about counseling and analyses via mail, e-mail, of individual, manually hand written report (on computer). Prices deviate on personal telephone sessions.

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Process ordering Astro-Computer-Horoscope Text Analyses

Computer-Horoscope-Reports are meant as an extra for those who want a first view without beeing counselled personally first. These computer-text-reports are available in German only. Therefore view the German offer. (Be aware and consider that those computeranalyses are not a personal counselling nor do they replace a real counselling, which I provide as offer personally, by phone or email, online or as manually written report available in English or German).

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Process and all Infos on all my Coachings

Meaning and process, usage, number of sessions, the offer you find directly on my Coaching page or in the sitebar manue (navigation bar) under the link of Personality Counseling/Life-Conseling/Coaching.

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Preliminary talk for all sessions

With every person we meet, there is a different dynamic and different interaction between these persons. The feeling "if we can cooperate" does fit or not. You have certain imaginations and ideas. Therefore a personal preliminary talk to get acquainted is recommended. The analysis of state is preceded and necessary first before the general counselling starts.

Short infos in advance, questions and scheduling an appointment via e-mail or telephone (no call-back service on mobile / cell phone for longer calls). Outside Germany I call you on a landline phone number. The preliminary talk is of course confidential and free of charge.

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On Astrological Counseling

Horoskope charts you will receive after personal consultation,

after phone counselling or e-mail consultation

sent via e-mail. All charts/graphics are included my charges.

Astrological counseling included printed horoskope-graphic/charts.

Astrological Counselling is optional. Recording on your request
for you to listen again after session is rendered.
(Recording is a charge free, additional offer. No requirements during
technical failure).

Cost for p & p (s & h) of the recorded astrological session/consultation  

to your destination: on request

Base of every Interpretation/reading is the natal birth Radix

When scheduling an appointment

I need:

- Date of Birth (Day, Month, Year)

- Place of Birth (Town /Country)

- Time of Birth (please exact to minute)

These datas you take from your birth certificate
  or ask your Birth Registry Office

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Having open questions after Astrological Counselling

Within 4 weeks after astrological counselling/consultation you can get answered once your short questions for free, without charging (20 - 30 min.) or via E-mail two short questions. Later subsequent asked questions will be charged:

Follow-up sessions, further and deeper going analyses after astrological counselling/consultation on another appointment. On special topics (e.g. questions about carreer, education, partner- or relationship, family, personal questions, development).

More about prices on Astro-Topics and descriptions you'll find at the sidebar menue "Astrological Counselling".

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Code of conduct, Ethics Policy & Informations of all services:

According the service you use the counselor, or coach/supervisor, or trainer guaranteed the client abolute decretion. Every informations, datas, conversations, everything discussed between the client and the counselor, or coach, or trainer is confidential, unless permission is given by the client to convey informations to a third party. There may be an exception to this if I considered that someone was at risk of serious harm. This would be explained at our first meeting.

For Psychological Counselling is to consider: The psychological counselling/ consultation or coaching is a psychological counseling/coaching and no psychological psychotherapy, no alternate medicine, no medical health treatment and will not be able to help you if you suffer from psychiatric disorders. In that case you need to contact a doctor or clinical psychotherapist and psychologist or psychiatrist. The counselor, or coach/supervisor, or trainer does not provide therapy nor diagnosis in order to mental-, psychic-, or psychosomatic disorders or illnesses.

If I considered and get the impression that the client presents psychic or psychosomatic or mental symptoms and disorders, I will recommend to consult a medical specialist for treatment to the client and the counselling or service will be stopped. If the client is under alcohol or used drugs or the questions are based opon criminal delicts and the client has a criminal record, the client will get refused counselling or the service. The counselling or the service will get stopped, if the client makes religious, racist taunts, sexist insults and connotations.

The counsellor, or coach/supervisor, or trainer is not reliable - no liability - for succeed of the counseling or service as well as for possible negative consequences (inclu. direct or indirect consequential damages) will be excluded in either case of the counselling or service. The counselor, or coach/supervisor, or trainer is not responsible - no liability - for possible inaccuracy and missed informations and decisions of the client.

The Counselor, or the Coach/Supervisor, or the Trainer neither is able to conjure, clairvoyance, heal, (at least I do not apply clairvoyance) and nor I do promise miracles or recipes. Even I won’t offer quick solutions, no "quick fix cure" to your issues and problems nor will I make decisions for you. Due to my ethics it also would not be possible. I define tendencies and basic approaches. The decision, realization and responsibility at last is in your hand.

As my counselings are defined as Counseling and Coaching and not as healing or diagnostics, you do not get handed over medicine, medical prescriptions  or transferals. Therefore my service does not replace a alternate therapist, clinical therapist nor to consult a doctor or alternative practitioner, because all my offered services do refer to counseling, coaching or training (this is what I provide and focus on) and not on healing pathological or clinic diseases or disorders. Therefore others are concerned.

All my services I provide aren’t a further vocational training nor management or business-training or -coaching. All my provided services are defined by me for personal advancement and personality development only, astrological and psychological counseled and supervised by me, thus not tax deductible.

For personal reasons I refuse to work with economic companies, industry, nor do I provide management consulting (10. house). Nor sales trainings for products or services.

I prefer to work with individuals, couples, families, small groups (if indicated I also work with larger groups), as well as for private and public institutions, private and community groups, organizations e.g. universities, schools, classes, etc. (9. and 11. house). With anyone/everyone who is interested in personality development.

Further ethic principle apply to astrological counseling as well as to any other service (psychological counseling, life counseling, coaching, etc.) which include astrology.

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Counselling office/ Event Location / Venue

According to offer and agreement:

Telephone Counselling or by Internet, Online, e-mail.

Individual personal Counselling/ Consultation/ Training/ Sessions etc.
will take
place in available private or rented rooms. House calls by appt.
(Subjects to modification and amendments)

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Documents, handouts, informations, articles, lent or available made papers/ documents, teaching aids etc. are not allowed to give away, be published, copied, duplicated or reproducted, without personal signed permission of the owner/authors and is copyrighted material and proprietary.

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Payment / Process / Terms

Unless other arrangements have been made:

- Clients pay at the beginning of each session / consultation

- Institutions pay 50 % of fee in advance, rest is due after services are rendered

- Appointments / counselling by phone / or online: payment is due in advance

- Written astrological reports or e-mail counselling: payment is due in advance

Direct payers only. No issurance accepted.

Paypal is offered if you are outside Germany or abroad, or on vacation/holiday.

If you have a Bank Account in Europe or Germany it is highly welcome and recommended cause without fee for your transfer. Then you could transfer to my bank account or from Europe without extra fee with an Internat. Bank account number IBAN (BIC) you will receive by me after booking. If you pay from an International bank account, please tell your bank that I do not pay or accept any transaction fees or extra cost for transfer.

You can use Paypal for international transfer. Paypal charges a transfer standard fee depending on the amount  you send. (Paypal forms since February 15th 2007, modified Sept. 2008 for every received payment in Germany).

To keep my prices constant for anyone I must charge you the following fees if you want to use Paypal. Please add following % to you total amount when you use Paypal:

  • Germany + European Country: 1,9% + 0,35 EUR
  • None European Country: 3,9% + 0,35 EUR

Source::  25. Sept. 2008

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Office Policy - Re-Scheduling - Cancelling an
Appointment / Consultation / Session / Event

Refund a Payment/Fee

Office Policy for late arriving:

If you arrive late your session / appointment will be shorter. If I do arrive late it will be extended to make up the time.

Policy for cancellation Psychological Consultations/Sessions and Astrology:

Re-scheduling/Re-arranging or cancelling an appointment you are unable to keep: 24 hours notice is required. For very special reasons let me know latest at least till midnight previous day in advance. Psychological Counselling: If you're going to inform me later, when you forget to cancel your appointment and you do not show up/arrive or I do not hear from you and you keep me waiting, I will charge you the regular full amount/fee for your missed session/consultation/ appointment. And for sessions payment already has been received in advance: obviously if you do not give adequate/enough notice, or you cancel less than the minimum cancellation notice required, the deposit will be retained. No refund then.

Canceling an appointment for Astrological Consultations inclu. astro-psychol. counselling/ coachings and consultations where Horoscopes take place I charge you minimum less 50% from the total amount of your regular session-fee for expenses for preparations. Except an Astrological Counselling on the specific issue seperately already did occur. For appointments payment already has been received in advance: the deposit will be less 50% from the total amount. For written Horoscope reports, analyses and e-mail consultations, no refund after payment is received.

Re-scheduling an appointment at a too short notice I charge you an expense of 25 Euro per person. Fees less than expense-amount will be charged less 50% of your regular session-fee.

If you did payment via Paypal: Note that payment via PP can cause additional standard fees. Refunds less PP standard fee and expenses.

Policy for Event cancellations

Lecturing/Speaking / Lessons / Seminars / Workshops:

If you cancel  9 weeks in advance, no cancellation fee will be charged. If you cancel 8 weeks in advance I charge 50% of the total amount of your regular fee as cancellation fee. Later cancellations or missed events/appointments, if you do not arrive, will be charged full. A substitute is possible and welcome: no cancellation-fee will be charged then. An alternate event date is possible: provided both parties agree to an alternate event date, no cancellation fee will be charged, unless no cancellation expense is due for rented rooms.

Refund if incomplete payment is received:

The service starts with complete received payment. Unless charged fees are open, incomplete, not full paid, or I have difficulties in determining what the payment relate to and the payment is unclaimed, and due payment has not been paid full within the time agreed upon, I will refund the service-fee less all my standard fees and appropriated compensation, mentioned above.


Disclaimer: It always can happen that appointments/ sessions/ coachings / supervisons/ trainings/ seminars / lessons/ must be canceled. No matter how well planned an event there are always uncontrollable circumstances that may arise and force cancellation, abandonment, postponement, interruption or relocation of the event (in whole or in part).

There is no claim to conduct any consultation/session/event affected by the inability of the Trainer/Coach/Supervisor/Counselor/Speaker/Teams/Performer to appear at consultation/session/event/counselling service/ due to illness/sickness. It must be canceled due a to small number of participants or force majeure (an act of god) natural catastrophe, such as fire, flood, eathquake, inclement weather, public transport or traffic failure, accident, failure to vacate the event venue. There is no claim discount or refund by cancellation in these cases for travel costs and expenses, accomodation or loss revenues associated with an event/service. Participants only will get their payed fee refunded unless you re-schedule or chose a new appointment.

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