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Psychological Life Counselling & Coaching     

Counseling | Coaching / Supervision | Relationship Communication

Psychological Counseling     

For Individuals and Couples.

By Psychological Counselor and Astrologer. Consultations and counseling in person on location in Berlin or on/by Telephone or Skype (VoIP), Online-, Internet-, E-mail consultation in English and German. Psychological Counseling, Life Counseling or Coaching also anonymous, by phone or E-mail.

Psychological Counselling / Consultation e.g. help in decisions making, handling experiences, loss of job, illness/sickness, death, separation/breakup, relationship issues and concerns, unfaithfulness, position of a mistress, marriage/family and parenting issues, questions of the meaning of life (life purpose, aim in life, sense of life), spiritual questions, finding targets/goals, orientation, change of a life situation, in times of sadness, grief, crises, stress, exam nerves/test anxiety, burnout, bullying at work, conflicts, communication issues, shyness, self esteem issues, how to cope with life, or just to talk when you need someone to listen to you or to get an advice or informations.

This service is also for concerned family, relatives, partner, friends, collegues.

Psychological Counseling I usually provide as follow-up session or combined with astrological counselling, after I worked out and analysed your personal tendencies and got to know you better to be more responsive to you, your individual needs, abilities and concerns.

It is not condition of this psychological counselling service to be astrological counseled by me first. It merely will be recommended warmly to your heart. Of course you just can get a classical psychological counseling.

Initial and Individual Session in Person or by Phone:

Individual Counseling
Session 50 minutes: 75 - 90 Euro

Couple Counseling 
Session 50 minutes: 135 - 150 Euro


Preliminary talk:

With every person we meet, there is a different dynamic and different interaction between the persons. The feeling "if we can cooperate" does fit or not. You have certain imaginations and ideas. Therefore a personal preliminary talk to get acquainted is recommended. The analysis of state is preceded and necessary first before the general counselling starts.


Short infos in advance, questions and scheduling an appointment via E-mail or telephone (no call-back service on mobile / cell phone for longer calls). Outside Germany I can call you on a landline phone number.

No extra charging


Problems grabbing by their roots !


The counselling/consultation provides you the opportunity of your own individual development in personal cases. For all those missing something and those who want to go deeper Here and Now, without losing themselfs.

  • The Psychological Counselling/Consultation is a counselling and no Psychotherapy or medical health treatment.
  • The Counselling/Consultation is no alternative medicine.
  • No liability for succeed of the Counselling/Consultation as well as for possible negative consequences (inclu. direct or indirect consequential demages) will be excluded in either case of the counselling.
  • Every content of our conversation is kept strictly confidential and won't be circulated or given to third parties.

I guarantee to do every counselling/consultation in all conscience.

  • Psychological Counselling combined with Astrological Counselling:
    view also Code of ethics

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Psychological                 & Life

Telephone-/ Internet Counselling/Consultation


Psychological Counselling/Consultation & Life Counseling (also anonymous):

Available sessions: mon. - sun. also late evening and on weekends.

on/by Telephone  initial and individual session 50 minutes: 90 Euro

(fee for couple coaching telephone session 60 minutes: 108 Euro)

couple counseling telephone session 50 minutes: 150 Euro
(couple coaching telephone session 60 minutes: 180 Euro)

3 telephone-sessions per 50 minutes: 75 Euro per session for individuals.

30 minutes phone-session for individuals: 45 Euro

30 minutes phone-session for couples: 75 Euro

Also anonymous or not anonymous Psychological Counseling/Consultation

on/by Internet online via E-mail

for the first E-mail  35 Euro 

for further E-mail questions  25 Euro

E-mail online intensive counselling

Fee depending on expenditure of time and service; calculated on basic charge 50 min. = 90 Euro for individual psychological counseling and 95 Euro for individual-coaching. Psychological Couple Counseling basic charge 50 min. = 150 Euro.

More on telephone, E-mail and anonymous psychological counseling.

Fee for counseling and coaching/supervision includes necessary preparations. All costs are payable in advance required. (Due in advance). Direct payers only. No issurance accepted. More about process and telephone or E-mail-sessions view Payment / Process.

Important for anonymous Telephone, Online-/Internet, E-mail Counselling and Coaching. Get the informations I need for anonymous and E-mail sessions.



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