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Astrological and Psychological Counseling - Coaching - Training

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Personality & Life Counselling / Coaching     

Psychological Life Counseling | Coaching / Supervision | Body Language |
Relationship Communication | Visual Personality
| Relationships and Singles

Counseling - Coaching - Supervision - Training    

Whether Personality Counseling or Coaching, Life-Coaching or Life Counseling, psychological Counseling, psychological Coaching/-Supervision, Astro-Coaching/-Supervision or Couple and Relationship Counseling/Coaching. I provide a full range of service from one hand. My service I provide covers Personal Issues, Relationship Issues, Family Issues and Communication Issues for Individuals, Couples, Families, Relatives and small Groups.

An Interface between Astrology, Psychology and Communication by holistic support from one hand. Once and after I worked out your astrological personality analysis or life counselling / psychological counselling, to be more responsive to you, and your personality (strenghts, weaknesses, resources, life topics, potentials, gifts, experience etc.) and your concerns; and in fact and independent from the actual discipline, you choose. As an alternative I provide also single components, you can choose, independent from astrological counseling or psychological counseling and life counseling, if required. But my main focus is to link and combine my services with Astrology and to view your personality with astrological methods, or to put Astrology first to any further service you want to occupy (counseling, coaching, training). After a detailed astrological personality analysis as well as after an astro-psychological life counselling (personally talk, by phone or online), all the further offers are available as ad-on service, you can choose in addition. Working with your natal chart then is included.


For Individuals, Couples, Relationships, Marital, Family, Relatives or small Groups.

By Psychological Counselor and Astrologer, Trainer Communication and Personality + Relationship Coach. Consultations and counseling in person on location in Berlin or on/by Telephone or Skype (VoIP), Online-, Internet-, E-mail Consultation in English and German. Psychological Counseling, Life Counseling or Coaching also anonymous, by phone or e-mail.


Astrological Counseling

Psychological Counseling

Life Counselling

Personality Counseling

Couple- and Relationship Counseling

Single Counseling

Family Counseling
Parent-Child Counseling
Counseling Communication

Counseling Interpersonal & Relationship Communication

Counseling Visual Personality & Appearance

Coaching / Supervision:

Astro-Coaching and Supervision

Psychological Coaching


Personality Coaching

Couple- and Relationship Coaching

Single Coaching

Coaching Communication

Coaching Interpersonal & Relationship Communication

Coaching Rhetoric & Communication Techniques and Skills

Coaching Visual Personality & Appearance

Training (see lessons/seminars):

Training Rhetoric & Communication Techniques and Skills

Telephone-Training, voice to succeed
Training Human Body Language / NLP

Training Interpersonal & Relationship Communication

and more


Public Speaking/Lecturing and Workshops

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