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Add-on modules to a psychological counseling, relationship counseling or astrological counseling or coaching:     


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Wellness Offer  


An Evening in Silence and Relaxation

Small group,  duration approx. 2 - 3 hours 

Individuals,  duration approx. 1 - 2 hours

per person all inclusive 45 Euro


Relaxation Training is an add-on module and common ingredient available in psychological counseling/coaching or astrological counseling/astro coaching and trainings and as add-on module to my major topics for existing clients.



Concentrate on yourself, relax, find your inner and outer balance and let the day behind for some hours. Go to be grounded again by spiritual sounds in times of stress.

A little movement - with music - for muscle relaxation, the evening starts with. Followed by meditation, stress reduction, breathing excercises, relaxation techniques. An imaginary journey and visions will take place and relax your soul. Music for relaxation in the background you listen to my voice only. With finally talk on our impressions we will close the evening to send you back reality - hopfully relaxed -. Available also as meditation, stone- or astro-stone-meditation or as PMR Progressive Muscle Relaxation (E. Jacobson).


Meetings on appointment. Individual supervision afterwards by prior appointment, not included.

Please make sure you wear casual clothes, to feel comfortable. Bring warm socks, a pillow and a big blanket or something to lay on and to cover, (Individual persons don't need to bring along a blanket and pillow).

Several sorts of tea and energized water (none sparkling) by a cristal for inner relaxation is provided and included service. Cristal is good for meditation, to clear the mind and releasing blockage. Rose quartz for stronger heart, nerves, and inner balance, harmony.

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Makeup Course/ Make-Up Workshop  

For women / men (of any gender and age)

Individuals, friends, family members, small groups

An add-on module in personality counseling, life counseling or coaching.

Also available combined with my provided cosmetic shopping service

For your personal wishes, for all and any/every situation, festive to decent. To put yourself into best light and "to play the gallery", to look your best, or just to look more fresh. To choose the right colour or to hide or balancing little "problems". With little things to big effects. I lead you to your facial makeup. You learn how to apply your new purchased makeup for your own personal type. If you bring your decorative makeup and utensil you usually use, I am happy to advise you. A cheval cosmetic mirror and a towel should be available.

Note: No sales event.

Workshop / Counselling (house calls by appt.)

55 Euro / person

Go to my Cosmetic & Fashion Personal Shopping Service


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Creative projects:




Body Expression / Animation / Music Interpretation



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