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Symbol of Learning, Thinking, Mental Power, Communication, Words

          Lessons Coaching Training:

          Add-on modules rhetoric & communication:


          All topics also available in Coaching / Counseling

          Further Related Topics:

  • Body language in Counseling/Therapy/Negotiation
  • Presentation and body language
  • Voice Training
  • Telephone-Training, voice to succeed
  • Flirt Training and individual coaching: Appearance-behaviour-
    communication-voice-body language-attracting-rapport.
  • Why we fall in love and love is so difficult


Lessons: Astrology for Individuals  

Introduction into Astrology and lessons on special astrological topics.

If you have special wishes, mini Groups etc. - please ask for -

Fee depending on topic, content, expenditure of time and service

Topics see astrological counseling

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Rhetoric/ Communication Seminars/ Trainings  

"Lecturing/Speaking & Communications Techniques" currently available just in or after psychological counseling or astrological counseling as supplement or ingredient in or after a psychological counseling, relationship counseling/ coaching and astrological counseling or astro-coaching. In individual case also can be asked for to be taken by itself as lesson, personal coaching/supervision, and individual or couple counseling, as well as seminar and group-training.

I/1. Speaking- and Lecturing Techniques / minimise Stagefright

Basic Training / Entry level

per hour individual counselling, coaching or training: 90 Euro

Package on request

Here an astrological horoscope counselling/ consultation (personality analysis) is necessary first, to find basics points of your strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint your already gotten individual unique characteristics, to work with you holistic and individual.

The free Speech/ The Personality Training:

Speech building / for several occasions / lecturing techniques methods and skills / body language / minimise stagefright (reduction) / verbal expression / modulation / motivation and self-motivation / confident manners for any audiences / for any relationship / in daylife / business / private / with listeners/audiences



This training is for those who want to upgrade speaking-, talking and lecturing skills and methods. Especially appropriated for the curious and newbies, even for those, who already could make experiences or want to upgrade their knowlege and skills, check or to expand of those experiences.

No age limit. Any gender is welcome ! This course can be taken by itself.

Those who want to develop themselfs are welcome. For individuals, couples or groups. Available in Counseling, Coaching or Training.

Important: No Sales Training for products !

Parts of possible content:

- Basics of Rhetoric
- Communication models and types
- Logical structure of a free speech, speaking, presentation
- Voice and modulation training for special needs, breathing techniques

- Speech / Speach stoppages/ Stage Fright and minimising/reduction
- Active listening / how to analyse / positive feedback
- Aware Communication - Handling objections while speaking
- Nonverbale Communication – Body language

- How to handle heckler

- Compelling with language and words

- Don't lose the thread, timing while speaking

- Find your personal, natural style (without bending over backwards yourself)

- To convince, enthuse your audience by being authentic

- To present an argument, in the most effective form, in different ways


Possible Content / Structure (Subject to modification):

- Keeping names in mind with help of all senses

- Content-/ Relationship aspect

- Theory: Relationship aspect-/Content aspect

- Theory: Stage-Fright evolution and reduction

- Theory: Phrasing, saying, speech-structure

- Theory: Use of body language and expression and its meaning while speaking
  and lecturing/speaking

- Theory and Practice: Preparing a free speech with the objective of enthusing
  and effect the audience

- Practice: Presentation of a prepared speech (up to 10 min. maximum) inclu.

  Video recording

- Practice: Speech analyses – observing speeches, self reflection, positive

  feedback techniques

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offer for all those already have attended part I / 1 :


I/2. Speaking and Lecturing techniques Stages fright reducing   

Subsequent Training after Part I / 1.                                                    

per hour intensive coaching or training: 90 Euro

Package on request


The free speech/ the personality training I /2. is a training to exercise all skills trained in part I /1. In this training you'll practice again all you have learned. For all those who can't get enough free speaking/rhetoric and want to practice and exercise more and already attended part I /1 (basic training) or want to do individual training for themselfs to deepen and improve their necessary skills. Part I /1. is necessary to attend before, simply essential, cause I /2. is THE subsequent training ! (Your Astrological Natal Chart (Radix) will be viewed, as been done in part I/1). For individuals, couples or groups. Available in Counseling, Coaching or Training.


Training, Training, Training inclu. excercises, feedback to improve your skills.

Subsequent/following after the trainings of part  I / 1.

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About my positiv beeing and experiences as trainer and tutor
in German only yet

II. Communication + negotiation talks in daylife+ business  

Subsequent Training

per hour individual counseling, coaching or training: 90 Euro

Package on request


The basic training I./1 or good speaking skills (rhetoric) are essential in part II and required + prerequisite, as it is a subsequent training, followed by already improved skills and was content of the training part I (as e.g. body language skills in order to improve the ability of free speaking in front of an audience etc.) Here you learn the ability in order to lead negotiation talks and communication. Advantage for those who already got their personality analysis in astrological counselling recommended in part I/1. Your Horoscope would be viewed. For individuals, couples or groups. Available in Counseling, Coaching or Training

Important: No Sales Training for products !

The experince showed us, each teaching of knowledge from course to course, training to training, is different as well of the content and structure. They are not comparable with each other nor in order to have the same conditions with the particular as basis for the setting up, that is reason/basis training, of part I (recommended despite recognizing, but not condition). Unfortunately we cannot spend time to intensive repeat everything we already have trained in part I / 1, in order to catch up a missed level of knowledge. But individual trainings are intended. Also for those, which would like to refine and extend only the knowledge, and for that, the part they missed to acquire itself or simply want to gotto the level of knowledge what they missed or would like to get.


Possible Content / Structure (Subject to modification)

Basics of questioning techniques, Interview technique, introducing, followed by presentation and -techniques, self- and external motivation in dialogue/dialog, short restrospect on body language, followed by news aspects on body language by NLP-aspekts of communication (crossover mirroring and perception), styles, speaking analyses, self reflection, positive feedback and -techniques.

(Basics, body language, speaking- and lecturing techique skills of basic-training part I. is necessary and essential !)

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III. Quick at Repartee Training / Strategic counter and           Uranus Argumentation  

per hour individual counseling, coaching or training: 90 Euro

Package on request



The basic/basis training/knowledge of speaking/lecturing training is not presupposed. However it is of advantage, if an astrological consultation took place before, in order to be able to deal more purposefully and individually holistically with you. So I can determine, of what you at plants already bring along. When you got a special constallation of Uranus Mercury for example in your birth Radix, you get fast inspirations, be a fast thinker and mastermind.

Working with your Astrological Natal Horoscope Chart (personality analysis) (if already exists) in training and service, you agree with your booking. Readings will kept confident. For individuals, couples or groups. Available in Counseling, Coaching or Training.

Most reactions suddenly appear, unexpected. Offenses/offences stress and unwanted reactions; in times of stress, strained, distorted situations. However how to react without bated breath, and without losing control !? The best ideas for arguments you get often afterwards. How to react now spontaneous, sovereign, with humor/humour, how to deal with and handle the situation. How to defend the attacks of the conversation partner, without to offend and "making you small" or to appear arrogant. How to lead and take control and keeping the thread. Repartee is however easy to learn an art to dissolve blockades and get the situation under control again, a goal. Understand your conversation partner and their techniques and tricks, that often gives you the knock-out. Learn to react appropriately and more spontaneous and  faster. Untangle distorted and stucked discussions and situations.   

Important: No Sales Training for products !


Possible Content / Structure (Subject to modification): 

- Reduce inhibitions and overcome your fear of speaking to react spontaneous

- Observing, analyse and watching closely

- Nonverbale signals

- Communication and body language

- Words and language, away with not needed filler words

- Uncovering manipulation with words
- Language and body language

- Negotiation talks and leading, repartee, use wit

- Stage fright reducing

- Questioning techniques and repartee

- Yes-Questioning techniques

- Quit endless justifying towards others

- Winning without to mislead or harm your communication partner
- Handling nervousness, strain, stress, inner pressure

- Training: serenity, self-restrained / -control
- Self-Evaluation - evaluation / self reflection, feedback

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Body Language     

read more here



Women- and Men-Communication and -Language  

Mars Venus

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Speaking / Lecturing Topics I provide are varied depending on the audience but generally fall into one or any combination of the following categories and areas. Discuss or schedule a speaking / lecturing gig or workshop on all offered topics and different fields/disciplines, on request and your inquiry / enquiry:

  • Astrology
  • Communication
  • Rhetoric
  • Stage Fright
  • Human Body Language.
  • Philosophical Life-Questions.
  • Personality, Self-Identity and Authenticity.
  • Personality and visual Identity.
  • Relationships and Couple Issues.
  • Women- and Men-Communication & -language.
  • The importance of the right moment of the first impression.
    7x7x7 why we often have no further chance after first impression. And about the importance of the right time.
  • Anatomy of Love - why her, why him. Why do we fall in love with one rather than with another person. Evolution, biological, psychological and brain chemistry aspects. Relationship problems and solution methods.


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