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    Ever noticed ? On all my english site + pages I use either British-English and American-English language ever since my site exists. For my clients and because I like it either way. Often I use a slash / between those different words or spellings or just use either of them. It is my personal touch, my special personal card, that gives my website my personal touch.

Still up-to-date in 2012 and general informations:

It has already been in July 12. 2011 since I added relationship counseling as explicit section to the navigation of the side bar which could be found as part of Personality & Life Conseling / Coaching regularely. Relationship Counseling is available as counseling and coaching, psychological relationship counseling and astrological relationship counseling or in combination. The consultation is available in English and German. The description you will find in German only yet, except the added quotes. Any other of my offers you will find as description as usual in both languages.


In Sept. 10. 2009 due to a client I added personal coaching (as follow-up session after astrological consultation) to my Personality Counseling section below psychological counseling which I updated as well. And more SEO work the next time. My next book part II is in progress I started in Fall 2007 writing Part 1. It's been written in two languages. Ask me for more informations.

10. June 2009 After a while off time due busy beeing I continue writing my next book (part II) I started writing in Fall 2007 with part 1.

Gladly I noticed after just a few month beeing online again, in Jan/Febr. 2009 I got the amazing google and yahoo page listed on pages 1 - 3 listed by searching for Astrology or Personality C. And page rank 1. That told me I did something right that the search engines like how I did program my Website.

! Now 3 month till 16. November 2008 I have leaned and tought myself - learning by doing - html and could fix and solve many of my former mentioned problems. Also meta tags I added to source code. All my time I spent for this doing (For love to this website. Belongs to the 5th House in Astrology where also children and creative projects find place. I must care of my site, it's from my own creativity. Jumped out of me). I did a lot through the source code of every page. Yes, now I also understand how to do this all by myself. Also the navi is fine now I tested in multiple browsers. Just a few differences in some browsers as the header space is a little different or line breaks in FF. But is does not bother at all. Original is IE 7 while Firefox, Opera and Safari are OK. I also have put up different fonts as well in source.

I am very happy to say today my page is up again now. Different than before + by far better.

And you now are also able to browse directly to my english site as its own site:

www.  What a progress ! A good ranking in browsers as well.

Important Note:

Do you want to see my site in Original you need to install CaslonOpen BT. Otherwise the font Georgia will be there for my name letters dianastro in the head. If you do not have one of these fonts installed another alternative font will take place. My personal mark is since more than 10 years my font CaslonOpen BT though. It looks for my taste best and most nice. Also it would make sense to add Tahoma (quotes of my index) as well as Georgia and Arial I use as standard fonts in my pages. Thanks.



"Time flies !"           




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