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Astrological Counselling / Consultation


Classical and psychological Astrology. In person on location in Berlin, on/by Telephone or Skype (VoIP), Online-, Internet-, E-mail counseling, by Astrologer and Psychological Counselor in English and German.


Astrology and Astrological Counseling-Offers:



Horoscope charts/drawings you will receive after personal consultation handed over or after phone counselling sent via E-mail, Fax or mail. All charts / graphics are included my charges. Some topics are also available as horoscope analyses / reports and E-mail counseling. Deviating fees. Info

Recording during personal counselling is optional, on request. Recording is a charge free, additional offer. No requirements during technical failure.

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Personality Analysis / Individual Natal Chart Horoscope Reading

Birth-Radix Horoscope, Personal Profile, Ascendant, Unique Characteristic and Potential, Resources, Personality Analysis of a multi-faceted Life Journey, Aim in life, Life Direction/Purpose, Gifts, Changes, Chances, your question.

"w/o to bend over backwards become what you are meant to be by the universe and what you want to be, what is inside you and not how or what others want or community wants you to be or see. Only that way you can be individual and authentic to stand by yourself. Only when you accept yourself, you can face all the consequences and break down all barriers of life, so that you can say to yourself always and at least one thing: that you always have been yourself. (d.a.m. - dianastro - translation from my German version)."

60 minutes : 105 Euro

90 minutes : 135 Euro

120 minutes: 185 Euro (recommended for first consultation)

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Current- and Yearly Topics / Personal Forecast/Trends

(Transit and Solar reading): Personal current planetary cycles and tendencies of a development cycle, forecast / prognosis (current and future planetary cycles and phases and tendencies, chances and periods of life transition, issues of life). Possibilities for development. Presented by the running planets above the natal birth horoscope (Radix).

60 minutes : 105 Euro

90 minutes : 135 Euro  

120 minutes: 185 Euro

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Solar Horoscope

This sun horoscope is an annual birthday horoscope focusing on topics and tendencies of one year of one's life. The solar horoscope is composed that moment the sun reaches exactly that point which it had in the natal birth horoscope. The return of the sun point happens every year in a range of 24 hours surrounding of one's birthday. (Prognosis for the following or current birthday/year of one's life in conjunction with the birth chart. Valid from birthday to birthday). Also possible as review of an ealier year of one's life.

30 minutes:  65 Euro

60 minutes: 105 Euro

90 minutes: 135 Euro

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Relationship Counselling / Partnership Counselling

Individual and Couple Counseling/Consultation

For any kind of partner-/relationships, such as couples/ love/ romantic/ parent-child/ sibling/ friendship/ neighbourhood/ in business: colleague/ boss etc.

Where are the strong points in your relationship. Where the potential challenges lie and the best way to handle them. Interactions, Dynamics, Closeness-Distance, Attraction, Affinity, Tasks, Patterns, Compulsions, Strenght, Weaknesses, Atmosphere, Communication, Hopes/Needs, Matching, Development potentialities within any relationships or compatibility.

Counseling/reading inclu. the analyses two Horoscopes of two persons:

Reading included Birth/Natal-Chart (Radix) per person
Synastry (chart comparison of both partners (cross-comparison)

Combin or Composit (Individual partner horoscope)

90 - 120 minutes : 240 Euro

120 - 180 minutes: 295 Euro

Any further 15 min. on the same day +20 Euro

Love and Relationship in your own horoscope (inner anima/animus and real life partner) is included and will be analysed if you've chosen a partner reading on topic love or marriage. For an astrological counseling of just one horoscope, your own one, on this topic, is available in astrological personality analysis where an analysis on this topic takes place. Or on a later appointment the follow-up session and futher astrological counselling on special concerns or the astrological crisis counseling for one person's issue.

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Family Topics and Dynamics in Generations

Generations in the mirror of Astrology

Fee depending on number and duration of the horoscopes to read:

please on request

Description currently in German yet

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Occupation/Career / Vocation /

Potentials / Talents / Creativity

(Realize targets/goals, make dreams come true)

60 minutes : 105 Euro

90 minutes : 135 Euro

120 minutes: 185 Euro


Any further 15 min. on the same day +20 Euro

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Career Analyse, Occupation extra-Test

(Test written form in German)
110 Euro inclu. discussion after analyses

(Supplemental offering after Astro Counseling)

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Discovering where in the world you are affected, feel affinity and how. Might be a country, a town. Why and what influence do these places have on your life. Which connection is associated to your current life, situation or circumstances. What different parts of our natal birth Horoscope are stimulated and how in different places on earth. All this is shown in Astrocartography (also known as Astrogeography). If you want to move to another location to settle down or you want to relocate or to go for a holiday/vacation or when you just travelling through or even just to understand what forces influence you in your present location. (Can be combined with an electional reading "when is the right time".)

60 minutes : 130 Euro

90 minutes : 165 Euro

120 minutes: 215 Euro

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Event-/ Encounter-/First Meeting-Horoscope (Electional Astrology)

Every beginning and event in life has its own birth chart, which determines how it will turn out. So every event and situation has its own time quality and development. For example: when you plan a wedding/marriage, the wedding-horoscope, when you first meet and encounter an important person in your life, the encounter horoscope (also afterwards) etc. Events can become important in your life. Everything in life can benefit from the moment of a beginning: e.g. planning an operation, starting a new job, a new business, buying a house, sign a contract, move, relocate or hit the road (travel) or when you make an important decision. Election of best time for events and activity or review of past events.

60 minutes or per event: 105 Euro

90 minutes : 135 Euro

120 minutes: 185 Euro

For regular consultation of existing clients sliding scale and upon agreement.

Sliding scale fee and discount available, depending on economic need for "finding the best operation dates".

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Animal and Pet Counseling: "Finding the best day or time for your pet's operation. With Bach Flower Remedies counseling for your pet on request. please note last chapter.

Extensive counselling and consultation see above.

For regular consultation of existing clients sliding scale and upon agreement.

Sliding scale fee and discount available depending on economic need.

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"The right time" with the moon (little moon election)

In rhythm with the moon. Choose and get the best time and date. Some dates are better on one day than on other days. Self experienced and practised through the years. For example for haircut, minor operation-date, beauty, home renovations, to fit flooring, working with wood, cleaning etc. Benefit from the old wisdom of nature by moon-cycles and -signs of Astrology. The moon election gives the answers.

per date: 15 Euro (by E-mail and phone)

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"Astro Mood Barometer"

When you want to know the mood of your next date, meeting or schedule / appointment. The mood changes approx. every 2 hours when the Ascendant changes the house. The daily tendency of mood is presented by the moon. Convenient especially for sensitive persons to prepare yourself for it.

I take a look for you

per 15 minutes and by E-mail: 30 Euro

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"Astrological Crisis Counselling"

You have a concrete short-term issue, a problem that moves you, which does not fit to any of my other provided offers but you do not want a psychological counseling and want your natal chart be viewed also from the first and included the counseling, without a seperate astrological personality analysis first.

60 minutes : 115 Euro

Any further 15 min. on the same day +25 Euro

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Astrology and Communication

Astrology in conjunction and combination with topics of the human communication and human relations for Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups, you find respective under the category of the navigation bar under Lessons/Seminars  and can be discussed and scheduled as Individual Counseling, Couple Counseling, Workshop, Seminar, Lesson, as well as Astro-Coaching or Life-Coaching. Astrological Counselling is previous (but not a must) and/or in respective conjunction with the counseling service.

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Astrological Telephone Counselling / Consultation

Details on service and fees for

Astro Phone Counselling/ Consultation


Written Horoscope Report and E-mail Counselling

Details on service and fees for

Written Astro Analyses/Reports


What about open questions after counselling / consultation:

Within 4 weeks after astrological counselling/consultation you can get answered once your short questions for free, without charging (20 - 30 min.) or via E-mail two short questions.

Later subsequent asked questions will be charged:


per 15 minutes: 20 Euro (by E-mail on request)

Follow-up sessions, further and deeper going analyses after astrological counselling/consultation on another appointment. On special topics (e.g. questions about carreer, education, partner- or relationship, family, personal questions, development):

per 15 minutes: 25 Euro (by E-mail on request)

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Now you need to know what I need:

Base of any interpretation/reading is the natal birth Radix

When scheduling an appointment

I need for a Horoscope Astro-Chart calculation:

- Date of Birth (Day, Month, Year)

- Place of Birth (Town /Country)

- Time of Birth (please exact to minute)

These datas you take from your birth certificate
or ask your Birth Registry Office

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