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Ethical Principle / Code of Conduct     


Every consultation / session of my astrological & psychological practice is individual and will be discussed personally with the present client, is subject of secrecy and will be kept strictly confidential.


My code of honour and work is reputable and responsible !

Due to my responsibility I analyse, interprete and read horoscopes and charts of absent persons only with permission of the third party. I will strictly and determined adhere to and abide by the vow.


Further principles, policy and informations apply to all my services.


I follow the occupation ethics vow of consulting Astrologers

(Taken from German-Version of DAV - (German Astrologer Association):

ethics of DAV


note: DAV version is available in German only - Due to copyright I won't translate


I do not answer questions or give prognoses on:

Life expectancy, death, course of diseases, when you will be free from all problems and fears, how you could harm one, if disaster comes over you / blow of fate,

how and when you can get rich by gambling or lotto.


Code of Conduct Ethic Standards of all Services

According the service you use the counselor, or coach/supervisor, or trainer guaranteed the client abolute decretion. Every informations, datas, conversations, everything discussed between the client and the counselor, or coach, or trainer is confidential, unless permission is given by the client to convey informations to a third party. There may be an exception to this if I considered that someone was at risk of serious harm. This would be explained at our first meeting.

For Psychological Counselling is to consider: The psychological counselling/ consultation or coaching is a psychological counseling/coaching and no psychological psychotherapy, no alternate medicine, no medical health treatment and will not be able to help you if you suffer from psychiatric disorders. In that case you need to contact a doctor or clinical psychotherapist and psychologist or psychiatrist. The counselor, or coach/supervisor, or trainer does not provide therapy nor diagnosis in order to mental-, psychic-, or psychosomatic disorders or illnesses.

If I considered and get the impression that the client presents psychic or psychosomatic or mental symptoms and disorders, I will recommend to consult a medical specialist for treatment to the client and the counselling or service will be stopped. If the client is under alcohol or used drugs or the questions are based opon criminal delicts and the client has a criminal record, the client will get refused counselling or the service. The counselling or the service will get stopped, if the client makes religious, racist taunts, sexist insults and connotations.

The counsellor, or coach/supervisor, or trainer is not reliable - no liability - for succeed of the counseling or service as well as for possible negative consequences (inclu. direct or indirect consequential damages) will be excluded in either case of the counselling or service. The counselor, or coach/supervisor, or trainer is not responsible - no liability - for possible inaccuracy and missed informations and decisions of the client. Read more

The Counselor, or the Coach/Supervisor, or the Trainer neither is able to conjure, clairvoyance, heal, (at least I do not apply clairvoyance) and nor I do promise miracles or recipes. Even I won’t offer quick solutions, no "quick fix cure" to your issues and problems nor will I make decisions for you. Due to my ethics it also would not be possible. I define tendencies and basic approaches. The decision, realization and responsibility at last is in your hand.

As my counselings are defined as Counseling and Coaching and not as healing or diagnostics, you do not get handed over medicine, medical prescriptions  or transferals. Therefore my service does not replace a alternate therapist, clinical therapist nor to consult a doctor or alternative practitioner, because all my offered services do refer to counseling, coaching or training (this is what I provide and focus on) and not on healing pathological or clinic diseases or disorders. Therefore others are concerned.


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