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DIANASTRO is Diana  (engl. pronunciation !)    golden sun link to dias gallery

My main residence is Berlin/Germany. I daily communicate in German and English. Therefore my wish is to carry on practise in both languages. My main focus is on counseling clients in astrology and psychological counseling and all personality issues, relationship and partnership issues and concerns, life counseling and coaching, psychology, crisis+conflict management and prevention, interpersonal communication, personal coaching and astro-coaching for personality development and to cope with life. The speciality of my work is: I combine my counselings and coachings including Astrology and astrological counseling, which is basic of all my consultations, but sessions also can be booked without astrology. My practice mainly focused on individuals, couples and families I prefer to work with and also can be booked for existing private and community groups as well as for lecturing / speaking workshops and lessons by private and public persons and institutions (9. and 11. house). For personal reasons I refuse to work with economic companies, industry, nor do I provide management consulting. All my services I provide aren't a further vocational training nor management or business-training or -coaching. Nor sales trainings for products or services. All my provided services are defined by me for personal advancement and personality development only. Everyone regardless of gender identity or orientation interested in is welcome. I have a broad base of experience with many different issues and populations. My holistic practice is characterized by an eclectic background and by a wealth of experience for years as rhetoric- and communication trainer, personality- and relationship counselor and coach, psychological counselor and astrological counselor as well as of numerous studies of human evolution- and behavior research in psychology and from biological aspects, interpersonal communication and astrology and real life experiences and insight in different business fields: spiritual, pedagogic, economic, media, marketing, management, art & culture, heath & social  care and wellness. This diversity is reflected in my style of practice. I am studied and trained Trainer and Coach for Communication, Rhetoric and Personality Development and a licensed and qualified Astrologer (studied at Astrology College Berlin of DAV - German Astrologer Association psychological Astrology) and licensed Psychological Counsellor (with distinction) (studied degree course, program of study Psychotherapy at College DPS-Berlin/Germany) by licensing and exam. degree procedure of VFP. Degree + Diploma with distinction psychological Counselor/Psychotherapy) and do work and practice Classical Astrology as well as Psychological Astrology from passion and vocation.


Since my once commercial apprenticeship I very reluctant and disinclined studied and trained that field, and then after I worked more than 10 years regular fulltime occupation as media expert in advertisement / media / marketing, management and contact in reputable full service advertising agencies. As uncreative and unrewarding as the jobs were behind the scenery in offices, it never fulfilled my needs, so I decided to follow my passions and vocation. I invested time, strength, money, energy, enthusiasm and love, to work with and for people to impart messages, to enthuse and inspire and to support. I am and live my experiences, authenticity, down-to-earth, sensitivity, empathy, coloured variety, creativity, courage for a restart, today for a tomorrow. My vocational educations are my tools. Philosophical questions, psychology, astrology, language, voice, love to words, expression, do accompany me since my younger days. Now it is time to appear on stage with the message: Be authentic, you don’t need to be anybody else but yourself, recognise your abilities, follow your purposes, make your own decisions, and own experiences. Without we would not be the person we are nowadays. It has made us who we are now. My contribution which I can offer and perform to support people with the development of its personality, by indicating and pointing out their abilities, talents, aptitudes, gifts, character and aspects of individual personal predispositions and dispositions of attitudes and behaviour (character attributes) and personal individual potential. My contribution is to help you develop your abilities, talents, gifts, character and aspects of your being, including your attitudes and behaviors, and, ultimately, your individual potential, your tasks and targets/goals, chances and resources, giving decision support by answering w-questions, e.g."why now ", "what fits to me“, "what is my task“, „when is the best time for...“ etc. To turn fears into courage, to learn from events of the past, to precede and lead the way, to help to understand happenings and oneself to finding at last an own, fulfilled, meaningful way in the jungle of life; to go, for an authentic beeing to live authentically and true in expression and to be able to accept oneself. Like a caterpillar in the cocoon, slowly becomes a butterfly develops and unfolds. Multicoloured, brightly, full of variety beauty, and strength, over and over again allowes themselfs to make new experiences.


Neither I am able to conjure, clairvoyance, heal, (at least I do not apply clairvoyance) and nor I do promise miracles or recipes. Even I won’t offer quick solutions, no "quick fix cure" to your issues and problems nor will I make decisions for you. I define tendencies and basic approaches. The decision, realisation and responsibility at last is in your hand.

Thudded in Berlin I am many moons and years back. I have uploaded this website 2006. I did work on the english version and uploaded it 2007. I celebrate birthday already since many, many moons always on 20.07., (July 20th). Therein, as everybody can see, is shown the year 2007, publication of my first web page under my brand name "Dianastro" that I use over 15 years now. (My start page was online 6/2006 but I started working on it in the beginning of 2007). A game with numbers, and for me an interesting fact. Not for nothing for personal interest I work with Numerology, Aura-Soma, Aroma Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies and reading Tarot-Cards, Skat-Cards, as well as working with Healing Stones I always have collected, ever since Stones have fascinated me since childhood. Long ago I also was a lot into dreams and started studying the Interpretation of Dreams very professional but today I do not practise anymore or only when I get asked for. But all my practice work and main focus, however, always will remain the Astrology, my whole counselling based on. This is my way.

My generally questions always have been on the deeper sense of my being, and life, since childhood what grew in youth then more and more engrossed my mind "why am I here". I never dealt with logical answers, I felt „logic“ always as superficial, one-sided and banal. I also wanted to know who I am and as long as I did not know exactly and had discovered, something was strange and incomplete inside me. In search of the truth of my being, and ego „me“, I found answers which are much more than logical only and made much more sense. I do not only believe in anything, I am convinced in something ! I am a person who examines, proves, look behind and goes deeper. Believing only or statements aren’t enough to me. We have tasks to go a way, a way we have an influence in. Indeed, predispositions and dispositions, the gift of individual and personal potential, are unchangeable or in habit to say,  translated from a German quote "we are not able to get off our skin“. Yes this is true, also this reflects Astrology. How much are we actually able to make free decisions, and beeing free in our actions and reactions and how much do we depend on our character and individual personal potential of dispositions and predispositions, on those we are bounded in either way. Where are we independent in and on what bounded. The knowledge about is an important component to comprehend the meaning of if. The other important component is based on confidence in life. Then add every experience of one's own life, watching observing, discovering, as well as what we have learned in life. And to master everything in life, it requires still a portion of optimism and courage on something new. Or as Shakespeare said: "The whole world's a stage and everyone a player". To the point ! By the way acting was and is my first passion, which has caught me already when I did my first steps in younger time. And from the depth and varied possibilities of words, my understanding and search for the meaning, therefrom my sense for further has arisen. In the depth of words, poem and quotes especially by Shakespeare do have are lot messages about the understanding and meaning of life and current time quality. Maybe he would have become an Astrologer nowadays, actually, cause and as Astrology has something to do with the person and is like a biography and expression. It is part of life and can be applied on persons, animals, plants and events and every/any life situation. Here we can find ourselfs, as well as in stage plays. The matter itself serves merely as tool as a crafts man uses his craft stuff and all it shows nothing mystic, psychic or mysterious. It simply belongs to life. One understands this, however when we learn to deal with the matter and understanding that. And due to the fact this is all fascinating, indeed, and, nevertheless factual, actually, thus I do not call myself onesided spiritual but also down-to-earth. Because philsophical questions of life and spiritualism are part of our life. Spirit = mind. OK, however, priests are spiritual then !? ;)  I think it is a matter of view and the choice of words, and can be long discussed, so there we get again the „expression medium“ „language“ ;) As we can see everything goes hand in hand. Just universally. An everlasting circulation. And to whom this here might be too philosophical, simply may read on or be anxious and curious my forthcoming articles written by me on this Website / Internet address or come and join my Astrology Consultation practice. Disbelievers and sceptics are especially likable to me and highly welcome ;) Once even I counted to those. I also never try to convince or persuade someone of Astrology, this is not my task, this Astrology is doing quiet on its own.

Qualifications and some educations of my current free-lanced occupation:  (and just a snippet of some of my important). Not mentioned economic business)

  • Until today studying constantly various disciplines and educations.
  • since 2009/2010 Research on further holistic connections between alternative medicine - homoeopathy - conventional medicine and astrology of humans, pets, including astro-medicine and horary-medicine.
  • 2005 Creative Idea, concept on Website
  • 2003 Educated Licensed Astrologer, Astological Counselor. Astrology study + courses certified/licensed Astrologer at Astrology-Centre/College Berlin/Germany of DAV (German Astrologer Association) by Astrologers Dipl. Psych. Markus Jehle and Artist/picture- and portrait-painter Graf Alexander von Schlieffen. Studies and ecucated/trained in different techniques/methods inclu. psychol. astrology, mundan etc.
  • As well as permanently self studies, research and studies/continuing education/improvement (to present) and long before I started studying Astrology, courses/workshops and seminars on traditional classical astrology, psychological astrology, medical-astrology, Munich-rhythm-theory-method, horary-astrology and more.
  • Team-Leader and Employee-Trainer, own responsible, Out-/ Inbound-, Telephone-Marketing as well as independent creative working.
  • 3.1999 I wrote the first two detailed Horoscope Analyses and readings in written form with a Birth/Natal-Radix.
  • Licensed in Pedagogic Education and Aptitude as a Teacher/Trainer/Coach and Instructor and as Vocational Trainer in Advertising, Management, Media  and Business Administration (license: AEVO) studied at IHK / Berlin (Chamber of Commerce and Industry).
  • Licensed as Qualified Psychological Counsellor after three years degree course, program of study Psychotherapy at College DPS-Berlin/Germany by licensing and exam. degree procedure of VFP. Degree + Diploma with distinction.
  • Tutor, lecturer/speaker for seminars & first self-motivational-evening.
  • Trainer, Tutor and motivational-speaker. Seminars Network-Marketing and Speaking gigs inclu. Health Body-Mind-Soul, Food Supplements, Magnetic Resonance System (magnetic field therapy).
  • Bureau-Management und Organisator for Seminars and Trainings.
  • I did the first astrological readings with Birth/Natal-Horoscopes and writing reports. Great feedback ! Start of my official astro-consultancy.
  • Official appearance with astrology, First official astrological Personality-/Relationship-/Election-/Event-Horoscopes and counselings.
  • Tutor, Teacher, Lecturer and Speaker of first human kinesiology body language workshops/serminars.
  • First study courses, trained and licensed and certified in different disciplines on classical astrology, Munich rhythm method, medical astrology etc. after long term self studying.
  • Creating and Reading first Personality-Horoscopes/Transit/Solar/ Relationship- + Event-Horoscopes as training as counselor.
  • Free Tutor, Teacher, Lecturer, Personality- and Motivational-, Trainer/Speaker and Coach, Instructor and Rhetoric- and Communication Trainer e.g. at Adult Education College, as Seminar Leader/Tutor/Facilitator, teaching classes for Individuals, Groups, executive, manager, staff, and private individuals for Rhetoric/Communication, Body language, Motivation, Author of the Book "Rhetorik Ihre persönliche Erfolgsstrategie" that means: "Rhetoric your personal prosperity strategy". work as Co-Author about positive thinking (released).
    - Organisator and Management leader for Trainer und Co-Trainer
    - Teamleader and co-founder former PZM-Seminars.
  • 10+years own responsible Media Expert and Manager, Contact, and Media Director Assistance in renowned full service advertising agencies for advertisement, public relations, events, new media, CRM etc. after study and training (IHK Berlin licensed).
  • To present Evolution- psychology- /biology and human behaviour research and studies in relationship issues, lecturing, speaking, courses and workshops.  To present Communication studies.
  • and many more.
  •  "time flies !"                                  

My further Interests: 

Music !!!, Computer, Network-, Internet-Technologies (IT) and Hardware intensive since 2009, Texting (English/German), Dancing expression (choreographies), Djing, Linguistic expression, Singing, Reading, Literature, Quotes, W.Shakespeare, UK/GB+London, USA, Languages, Cooking, Collecting various things, Research, Webdesign/Programming (I started teaching myself html/css/seo in 8/2008), Scientifical and cultural documentaries, Neuroscience, Brain research, Astrophysics, Philosophy, Medical science and Alternative medicine, medical-Astrology, Homoeopathy, Health, History, Nature, Walking, Photography, Stage, Plays, brit.Theatre, Acting, Art, Old buildings, Archaeology, MuseumsWriting (my 2nd+3rd new book since fall 2007), my family, very close people, to enjoy and sharing life and things with those few I truly love, and enjoying the silence.
To live and let live.


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In Truth, things are different
than they truely are.
- Stanislaw Jerzy Lec (1909-1966) -

Living - there is nothing more rare in this world.
The most humans do exist, nothing else.

- Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)